Adds % to Melee Weapon Damage
Cruel+10% Damage2
Wicked+15% Damage8
Callous+20% Damage14
Heartless+25% Damage21
Vicious+32% Damage28
Ruthless+40% Damage36
Rancorous+48% Damage44
Excrutiating+56% Damage53
Adds % to Ranged Weapon Damage
Sharp+10% Damage1
Honed+15% Damage10
Stinging+20% Damage16
Jagged+25% Damage23
Fine+32% Damage30
Serrated+40% Damage38
Keen+48% Damage46
Razor+56% Damage55
Adds % to Nature Magic Damage
Feral+4% Nature magic damage3
Savage+8% Nature magic damage8
Wild+10% Nature magic damage13
Ferocious+12% Nature magic damage19
Bestial+15% Nature magic damage25
Rabid+18% Nature magic damage34
Overgrown+22% Nature magic damage43
Arboreal+25% Nature magic damage52
Adds % to Combat Magic Damage
Destructive+4% Combat magic damage2
Eradicating+9% Combat magic damage9
Ruinous+12% Combat magic damage17
Devastating+15% Combat magic damage27
Annihilating+20% Combat magic damage37
Demolishing+24% Combat magic damage48
Obliterating+28% Combat magic damage59
Tragic+32% Combat magic damage72
Ice Elemental Damage
ChillingAdds 3 to 4 Ice Damage18
ShiveringAdds 5 to 8 Ice Damage27
FrigidAdds 8 to 14 Ice Damage37
ArticAdds 13 to 22 Ice Damage49
GlacialAdds 19 to 32 Ice Damage61
BorealAdds 27 to 45 Ice Damage74
Ice Elemental Damage
FrostedAdds 3 to 4 Ice Damage18
SnowyAdds 5 to 8 Ice Damage27
IcyAdds 8 to 14 Ice Damage37
FrozenAdds 13 to 22 Ice Damage49
WinteryAdds 19 to 32 Ice Damage61
PolarAdds 27 to 45 Ice Damage74
Fire Elemental Damage
ScorchingAdds 2 to 4 Fire Damage15
BurningAdds 4 to 6 Fire Damage25
SearingAdds 10 to 12 Fire Damage37
FlamingAdds 16 to 20 Fire Damage50
BlisteringAdds 25 to 30 Fire Damage64
CrematingAdds 36 to 46 Fire Damage80
Fire Elemental Damage
HeatedAdds 3 to 3 Fire Damage15
SmokingAdds 4 to 6 Fire Damage25
CauterizingAdds 10 to 12 Fire Damage37
IgneousAdds 16 to 20 Fire Damage50
CarbonizingAdds 25 to 30 Fire Damage64
IncineratingAdds 36 to 46 Fire Damage80
Lightning Elemental Damage
JoltingAdds 2 to 5 Lightning Damage18
ElectrifiedAdds 4 to 12 Lightning Damage29
ChargedAdds 6 to 20 Lightning Damage37
ShockingAdds 12 to 32 Lightning Damage42
TunderingAdds 16 to 50 Lightning Damage70
StormingAdds 24 to 70 Lightning Damage85
Lightning Elemental Damage
GlimmeringAdds 2 to 5 Lightning Damage18
GlowingAdds 4 to 12 Lightning Damage29
RadiationAdds 6 to 20 Lightning Damage37
DazzlingAdds 12 to 32 Lightning Damage42
SuffusedAdds 16 to 50 Lightning Damage70
IncandescentAdds 24 to 70 Lightning Damage80
Death Elemental Damage
GrimAdds 4 to 6 Death Damage22
CorruptAdds 6 to 12 Death Damage32
VileAdds 10 to 18 Death Damage42
GruesomeAdds 16 to 28 Death Damage55
DepravedAdds 24 to 40 Death Damage70
NecromanticAdds 35 to 58 Death Damage85
Death Elemental Damage
SomberAdds 4 to 6 Death Damage22
DispiritingAdds 6 to 12 Death Damage32
MournfulAdds 10 to 18 Death Damage42
DesolateAdds 16 to 28 Death Damage55
CaliginousAdds 24 to 40 Death Damage70
StygianAdds 35 to 58 Death Damage85
Armor Bonus
Stout+2 Armor1
Repellant+4 Armor6
Stable+6 Armor12
Enforced+8 Armor18
Tough+10 Armor25
Hardened+15 Armor32
Durable+22 Armor40
Rugged+30 Armor48
Fortified+40 Armor57
Impenetrable+52 Armor66
Masterwork+68 Armor76
Adamantine+85 Armor86
+% Armor Bonus
Steadfast+26% Armor4
Vigilant+40% Armor12
Resolute+52% Armor20
Persistent+65% Armor28
Unremitting+78% Armor36
Relentless+90% Armor44
Abiding+100% Armor52
Eternal+115% Armor60
Magic Damage Resistance
Twilight+5% Magic Damage Resistance9
Dusk+8% Magic Damage Resistance21
Midnight+12% Magic Damage Resistance33
Dawn+15% Magic Damage Resistance45
Ice Damage Resistance
Azure+10% Ice Resistance6
Beryl+14% Ice Resistance17
Blue+18% Ice Resistance28
Cerulean+22% Ice Resistance39
Sapphire+25% Ice Resistance50
Fire Damage Resistance
Crimson+10% Fire Resistance6
Scarlet+14% Fire Resistance17
Red+18% Fire Resistance28
Bloodshot+22% Fire Resistance39
Ruby+25% Fire Resistance50
Lightning Damage Resistance
Pale+10% Lightning Resistance6
Ivory+14% Lightning Resistance17
White+18% Lightning Resistance28
Crystalline+22% Lightning Resistance39
Pearl+25% Lightning Resistance50
Death Damage Resistance
Indigo+10% Death Resistance7
Lavender+14% Death Resistance19
Purple+18% Death Resistance31
Violet+22% Death Resistance43
Amethyst+25% Death Resistance56
Physical Damage Resistance
Noble+3% Melee and Ranged Resistance15
Regal+5% Melee and Ranged Resistance26
Imperial+7% Melee and Ranged Resistance37
Sovereign+10% Melee and Ranged Resistance48
Melee Damage Resistance
Formidable+5% Melee Resistance11
Imposing+7% Melee Resistance22
Daunting+9% Melee Resistance33
Intimidating+11% Melee Resistance44
Fearsome+14% Melee Resistance55
Ranged Damage Resistance
Disorienting+8% Ranged Resistance11
Obscuring+12% Ranged Resistance22
Blurring+15% Ranged Resistance33
Confounding+18% Ranged Resistance44
Displacing+20% Ranged Resistance55
Ranged Damage Resistance
Disorienting+8% Ranged Resistance11
Obscuring+12% Ranged Resistance22
Blurring+15% Ranged Resistance33
Confounding+18% Ranged Resistance44
Displacing+20% Ranged Resistance55
Increased Power Recharge Rate
Rousing+5% Power Recharge Rate20
Energizing+7% Power Recharge Rate32
Invigorating+10% Power Recharge Rate50
+X to Melee Skills
Warriors+1 to Melee Skill40
Champions+2 to Melee Skill65
+X to Ranged Skills
Adventurers+1 to Ranged Skill40
Rangers+2 to Ranged Skill65
+X to Nature Magic Skills
Watchers+1 to Nature Magic Skill40
Druids+2 to Nature Magic Skill65
+X to Combat Magic Skills
Ravagers+1 to Combat Magic Skill40
Apocalyptic+2 to Combat Magic Skill65
+X to Aegis, Toughness, Reinforced Armor
+X to Fortitude, Overbear, Smite
+X to Critical Strike, Dual Wield, Alacrity
+X to Critical Shot, Dodge, Survival
+X to Biting Arrow, Far Shot, Shockwave
+X to Quick Draw, Bleed, Penetrate
+X to Summon Fortitude, Summon Might, Summon Bond
+X to Aquatic Affinity, Arctic Mastery, Freezing
+X to Nurturing Gift, Enveloping Embrace, Feral Wrath
+X to Debilitation, Grim Necromancy, Vampirism
+X to Brilliance, Amplified Lightning, Arcing
+X to Devastation, Searing Flames, Ignite
Magic Find
Fortunate+4% Chance to Find Magic Items20
Charmed+8% Chance to Find Magic Items30
Lucky+16% Chance to Find Magic Items40
Fated+25% Chance to Find Magic Items50
Serendipitous+35% Chance to Find Magic Items60
Increased Gold Dropped
Glittering+5% Gold Dropped20
Wealthy+15% Gold Dropped25
Opulent+40% Gold Dropped35
Affluent+70% Gold Dropped45



Strength Bonus
Of Hardiness+1 Strength2
Of Sturdiness+3 Strength10
Of Vigor+7 Strength19
Of Tenacity+12 Strength28
Of Force+20 Strength38
Of Virulence+30 Strength48
Of Might+42 Strength59
Of Prominence+56 Strength70
Of Colossus+72 Strength82
Dexternity Bonus
Of The Swift+1 Dexternity1
Of The Spry+4 Dexternity9
Of The Nimble+9 Dexternity18
Of Proficiency+16 Dexternity27
Of Expertise+27 Dexternity37
Of Finesse+40 Dexternity47
Of Deftness+57 Dexternity58
Of Adroitness+76 Dexternity69
Of Effortlessness+100 Dexternity81
Inteligence Bonus
Of Awareness+1 Inteligence3
Of Insight+3 Inteligence11
Of Judgment+6 Inteligence20
Of Foresight+10 Inteligence29
Of Acumen+16 Inteligence39
Of Knowledge+24 Inteligence49
Of Brilliance+33 Inteligence60
Of Enlightenment+45 Inteligence71
Of Omniscience+60 Inteligence83
Health Bonus
Of The Rat+4 Health1
Of The Weasel+9 Health8
Of The Fox+15 Health13
Of The Badger+24 Health18
Of The Panther+36 Health24
Of The Ram+50 Health30
Of The Boar+67 Health36
Of The Wolf+90 Health43
Of The Tiger+116 Health50
Of The Horse+150 Health58
Of The Bear+188 Health66
Of The Lion+237 Health75
Mana Bonus
Of The Toad+4 Mana1
Of The Hawk+13 Mana9
Of The Lizard+21 Mana13
Of The Eagle+30 Mana17
Of The Serpent+43 Mana22
Of The Falcon+59 Mana27
Of The Raven+81 Mana33
Of The Ow+107 Mana39
Of The Griffon+136 Mana45
Of The Hydra+175 Mana52
Of The Phoenix+218 Mana59
Of The Dragon+274 Mana67
Adds X to Melee Max Damage
Of WoundingAdds 1 to Melee Max Damage1
Of PainAdds 4 to Melee Max Damage11
Of TormentAdds 12 to Melee Max Damage24
Of InjuryAdds 25 to Melee Max Damage40
Of MutilationAdds 45 to Melee Max Damage56
Of TortureAdds 72 to Melee Max Damage74
Adds X to Melee Min Damage
Of AfflictionAdds 3 to Melee Min Damage3
Of DisasterAdds 4 to Melee Min Damage7
Of GriefAdds 6 to Melee Min Damage13
Of MiseryAdds 9 to Melee Min Damage21
Of CalamityAdds 13 to Melee Min Damage33
Of DesolationAdds 18 to Melee Min Damage48
Adds X to Ranged Max Damage
Of AccuracyAdds 1 to Ranged Max Damage1
Of FocusAdds 4 to Ranged Max Damage11
Of SightingAdds 11 to Ranged Max Damage24
Of PrecisionAdds 25 to Ranged Max Damage40
Of SeekingAdds 44 to Ranged Max Damage56
Of MasteryAdds 72 to Ranged Max Damage74
Adds X to Ranged Min Damage
Of PiercingAdds 3 to Ranged Min Damage3
Of DrivingAdds 4 to Ranged Min Damage7
Of PuncturingAdds 6 to Ranged Min Damage13
Of BoringAdds 9 to Ranged Min Damage21
Of PerforatingAdds 13 to Ranged Min Damage33
Of PenetratingAdds 18 to Ranged Min Damage48
Percentage Damage Reflected to Enemy
Of Reversal10% of Physical Damage Reflected to Enemy10
Of Punishment20% of Physical Damage Reflected to Enemy24
Of Vengeance30% of Physical Damage Reflected to Enemy38
Of Retribution40% of Physical Damage Reflected to Enemy52
Percentage Health Steal - Attacker gains X% of damage dealt as health
Of The Parasite3% Healt Steal6
Of The Predator5% Healt Steal24
Of The Vampire7% Healt Steal42
Of Blood8% Healt Steal60
Health Steal - Attacker gains X health per hit
Of ConsumptionRestores 2 Health Per Hit12
Of GorgingRestores 6 Health Per Hit34
Of FeastingRestores 14 Health Per Hit56
Of DevouringRestores 23 Health Per Hit78
Percentage Mana Steal - Attacker gains X% of damage dealt as Mana
Of The Phantom3% Mana Steal6
Of The Ghost5% Mana Steal24
Of The Specter7% Mana Steal42
Of The Wraith8% Mana Steal60
Mana Steal - Attacker gains X Mana per hit
Of CandelightRestores 2 Mana Per Hit12
Of MoonlightRestores 6 Mana Per Hit34
Of DaylightRestores 14 Mana Per Hit56
Of StarlightRestores 23 Mana Per Hit78
+X% Life Recovery Rate
Of Mending4% Health Regeneration10
Of Reconstruction6% Health Regeneration25
Of Suturing10% Health Regeneration40
Of Regeneration12% Health Regeneration55
+X% Mana Recovery Rate
Of Brightening4% Mana Regeneration8
Of Illumination6% Mana Regeneration20
Of Awakening10% Mana Regeneration32
Of Vision12% Mana Regeneration46
+% Chance to Block Melee
Of Repulsion+5% Chance to Block Melee Attack6
Of Prevention+10% Chance to Block Melee Attack22
Of Obstruction+15% Chance to Block Melee Attack38
+% Chance to Block Ranged Attack
Of Repulsion+5% Chance to Block Ranged Attack6
Of Prevention+12% Chance to Block Ranged Attack26
Of Obstruction+20% Chance to Block Ranged Attack46

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